Sunday, December 23, 2007

Beaver Meadow 3rd Graders Get it Done!

We're not kidding. The Beaver Meadow 3rd graders don't mess around when it comes to their Service Project - They take it Global!

When the Beaver Meadow students heard that their favorite librarian Mrs. Crosby was going to Ecuador over Christmas to visit their favorite Peace Corps. Volunteer Andrea Crosby, they decided to include the students of Ecuador into their annual Service Project. One month later, through the generosity of the entire Beaver Meadow Community, there are 3 large bags full of school supplies, games and toys for the students of Tabuga packed and ready to travel with us to Tabuga!

Andrea is no stranger to Beaver Meadow and its students. She spent a day in January talking to the them and answering their questions about the Peace Corps. and the people of Ecuador. Since leaving in February, she has been in regular contact with the students via emails with Toni. The students send questions about what Andrea's doing and she, in turn, writes back on a (fairly) regular basis to answer them.

This year the 3rd grade took their Service Project up a notch and went global. Since they had been learning so much about Tabuga and the students there, they decided to donate needed supplies. Students like Jon and Lillian (photo above) from Barbara Willis' 3rd grade class donated school supplies like markers, pens, pencils and other fun things. The Jump Rope Club even got involved and donated 50 new jump ropes. How generous!

The Service Project was such as success we're not sure we're going to be able to carry it all! However, I'm sure we'll find a way to manage :)

We're spending the day today eating a big family dinner (even Alex just showed up!) and packing everything up. Toni has managed to get all of the gifts for Tabuga into the bags. Now we just need to figure out just what we're going to pack and find a way to fit it into the bags we have left. I can't believe we're less than two days away. We're all very excited. Andrea, if you're reading this get ready, we're coming!

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Anonymous said...

Jon and his classmates are anxious to hear about the reaction of the students to the goodies. Have a great time!

o<:{> Merry Christmas!

Paula Henderson