Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We rode the trolly - Our first success!

We are officially in Quito! To be more specific, we are at the Peace Corps offices using their "high-speed" Internet to post our first Ecuadorian blog.

We arrived last night after circling Quito for an hour - apparently you can't land in the middle of the mountains when the whole area is covered in fog! Luckily, our pilot landed perfectly - and we clapped! No joke, the Latinas love to clap when the plan lands. And Alex and I were happy it landed!

We arrived to find Andreita waiting for us just outside of customs - perfect! After a harrowing taxi ride through the deserted streets of Quito - we made it to the Hilton Colon. Here's an example of just how scary the taxi ride was:

"Does red mean stop here?" - Toni

Not according to the taxi driver. The good news is that the drivers today have been much better! They don't drive like insane people when there are others around.

So we have had breakfast - Huevos Rancheros of course and FRESH juice - so good! Now we have stopped here at the offices and we're off to a market and possible tram ride up the foggy mountains. Who cares what we do? It's all so new and fun! She could tell us that we were going to a funeral next and we'd think it's cool!

Andrea looks happy and healthy. She is covered in freckles but that's to be expected when you sleep next to the sun! We would like to point out that she can't speak English very well anymore - perhaps that's why her blogs are hard to read :)

We're off! We'll post again when we're next near a computer!

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