Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Best Gift Ever

By the best gift ever I am not referring to the Dominos pizza I am about to go eat in celebration of Christmas. I am referring to my family arriving tonight. I just got to Quito from Tabuga via a night bus. I have mastered the bus sleeping even though I often wake up with bruises on my knees because these 34" inseem legs just don't fit on Ecua-buses. I was worried about my family and the bus situation so I convinced Toni to rent a car. After 11 months at the mercy of bus drivers I am so incredibly excited to be with my family and have the freedom to do what we want. We can stop when we want pictures of waterfalls or when said 'travelers diarrhea' hits too hard. Following is the rough itinerary of the Crosbys in Ecuador adventure. I hope this country is ready for us all together!

Tuesday December 25th - 9:45pm Toni, Angela and Alex arrive
Wednesday December 26th - Spend the day in Quito, visit the Peace Corps office
Thursday December 27th - Rent a car and head to the jungle, Tena
Friday, Saturday December 28th and 29th - Meet up with Susan and Jeremy King in Puyo
Sunday December 30th - Happy Birthday Angela - Celebrating by driving to the coast
Monday - Friday January 4th - Tabuga time and lots of fun different adventures
Friday January 4th - Head back to Quito
Saturday January 5th - Head to Otavalo - the big famous market in Ecuador
Sunday January 6th - Spend the day together before Toni, Angel and Alex head state side

Well, it's time for me to treat myself to some pizza. Merry Christmas from Ecuador!

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